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Flexiroam - 100MB - Starter Pack
Flexiroam - 100MB - Starter Pack

Flexiroam - 100MB - Starter Pack

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Flexiroam X is your travel companion in providing data roaming at an affordable rate compared to normal roaming charges.

With the Flexiroam X Starter Pack you get 100MB of data to start off with that supports the countries listed below.

You can upgrade your 100MB starter pack supports the more than 100 countries supported, so you can upgrade at anytime to enjoy more data usage.

What's the difference between the Microchip and eSIM?


The Flexiroam X microchip which converts your SIM card into double SIM which you can switch between Flexiroam X and your local SIM card. To use it, attach it onto your existing SIM card and activate it through the Flexiroam X App.  

Then, switch between Flexiroam X network and your home network to enjoy roaming in over 100 countries.

This solution works for both iPhone and Android phones.

Click here to see the supported countries.


The Flexiroam eSIM allows iPhone XS/XS Max/XR users to have a dual sim solution without losing the ability of being able to receive phone calls and SMSs on your phone. So no more switching out SIM cards, just scan a code and switch between your local data line and Flexiroam X data line right from your phone settings.

And also enjoy staying connected on the Flexiroam X network in more than 100 countries

Click here to see the supported countries.